Enabling clean technology by protecting batteries 

From electric grid to automobiles, Li-ion battery technology is critical to the future viability of clean, renewable energy ecosystem by storing energy generated from intermittent sources. However, concerns over battery fire safety is threatening adoption of clean energy technologies and poses a threat to a clean energy future. Altect's mission is to enable safe adoption of clean energy technologies by developing innovative fire protection systems designed to protect Li-ion batteries.

Turning Innovation into a Reality

Altect’s core ethos is based on practical innovation and follows five basic tenets—think differently, plan a strategy, execute the plan, assess the results, iterate to improve. Altect believes that innovation begins with not asking why but rather why not and strive to develop ideas and solutions to challenge traditional molds. However, transitioning innovative ideas to transformative products requires efficient and strategic execution. By keeping a constant eye toward specific industry needs, Altect aims to provide cutting-edge solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into the market.