Preventing Fires Before they Happen

Altect’s TRAPS uses a series of physiochemical processes to neutralize flammable and toxic battery gases into inert, non-hazardous gases. TRAPS allows Altect to re-imagine fire and explosion mitigation strategies for lithium-ion battery technologies. Rather than following the traditional approach of suppressing a fire after it has already started, TRAPS enables mitigation actions before the fire starts. This proactive approach not only prevents fires and explosions from happening all together, but also minimizes asset damage and eliminates collateral damage to surrounding life and property.



Fire Protection throughout the Battery Lifecycle

TRAPS is a flexible solution that can be integrated into Li-ion battery fire protection systems. Designed to protect Li-ion batteries throughout their lifecycle, TRAPS enabled fire protection systems provide preventative fire  mitigation protection for Li-ion batteries regardless if they are installed in an electric vehicle or stored in a warehouse.