Explosion Protection Re-Imagined

Altect’s EVAC battery protection system is our patented design that utilizes TRAPS to eliminate build-up of explosive and toxic gases. Short for Explosion, Ventilation and Circulation, EVAC is engineered to protect energy storage assets in indoor and outdoor environments. EVAC can be deployed to protect lithium-ion batteries in any application including battery shipments as they are transported and warehoused across the globe and electric vehicles as they are charging in garages, parking structures and charge stations.

Multi-Layered Protection

EVAC provides continuous, dual-action mitigation by drawing in flammable and toxic gases, using TRAPS processes to eliminate them, and exhausting inert gas suppressant back into the energy storage unit. This dual-action circulation continuously eliminates flammable and toxic gas accumulation preventing explosions, and exhausts inert gas fire suppressant back into the energy storage unit minimizing potential fire spread and battery re-ignition.

Seamless Integration

EVAC is designed for batteries by battery safety experts to provide maximum safety protection with seamless system integration. Flexible communications systems to fire panels and BMS allows for plug-and-play operation. EVAC’s ability to operate in a mesh-like network enables easy and economical scale-up to larger energy storage systems. In-house, proprietary design tools  allows Altect to seamlessly integrate EVAC into any energy storage design at any point throughout the development timeline reducing overall bottom-line costs.

Keeping Batteries Safe Inside and Out

EVAC ensures safe operation of electrification infrastructure. Current explosion protection strategies borrowed from industrial process safety do not meet life safety goals for installations in urban and populated areas. Battery gases exhausted by deflagration venting and traditional ventilation systems pose significant fire, explosion and toxicity hazards to the surrounding life and property. EVAC's dual-action mitigation renders the environment surrounding the battery inherently safe and providing maximum safety for emergency responders.